Lets Learn Together!

Folk Craft Revival is all about learning traditional skills and become more self-reliant. Learning to make, build, do, create– or simply learn for the sake of knowledge! If you love to work with your hands, have a fascination with the old ways, want to learn how to do practical projects or have a desire to become more self-sufficient you’ve found a new home…. Welcome!

The projects and tutorials on this website focus heavily on reviving traditional folk skills and craftsmanship and are presented in two formats: the Folk Craft Revival podcast focuses on learning traditional skills from topic experts, the blog articles are a record of my experiments while trying new projects. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you find here!



038 Carving and Whittling with Brian Carver

The ability to shape wood with a knife is one of the most elemental skills to have, and plays at least a minor role in the vast majority of other crafts. Sadly, knife skills in general seem to be in decline. . . Though that's something we are encouraging around here!...

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036 Wool & Spinning with Josefin Waltin

How many of you have ever knitted your own garments from wool you processed and spun yourself? Just the thought intimidates me…. and also draws me in wanting to learn more! In one of Josefin Waltin's Youtube videos she shows just that - and since her channel and...

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Making a Spokeshave

I've always been fascinated by hand tools, lets just say I appreciate the simplicity and hearkening back to earlier times. But more than that, I also love the quietness, the slower pace at which the work proceeds, and the knowledge you need to have of wood and how...

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2020 Reading List

What did you read this year? Did you read more or less than last year? Personally, my list of books I went through is significantly shorter this year then it was in 2019-- partly intentional and partly due to changing life circumstances. For example, I got a job which...

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2019 Reading List

I talked about my reading and learning on the podcast a few episodes ago and said that I would post my reading list for 2019. I believe that the books (or any content for that matter) someone is reading or owns can tell you quite a bit about them. Here you'll see both...

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My goal here is to revive an interest in learning how things used to be done,  to inspire people to began working with their hands, and to share the joy that comes from making what you use.

This Weekend Project Blog is Brought to You in Part by my Passion For Working With My Hands to Create Useful Things!

Here you’ll find the chronicles of an inveterate tinkerer with a passion for quality, beauty, and all that is homemade or handcrafted. These projects and tutorials focus heavily on reviving folk skills and artisan crafts– with some adaptation for modern life/tools/equipment. In essence, this is a collection of foxfire-ish folk skill tutorials with an emphasis on fine workmanship.