In this episode I chat with professional blacksmith Sam Ritter about his journey as a craftsman. We chat about how he got introduced to blacksmithing, what his path was to going full time as a smith, why it was important for him to be around and learn from a master smith, becoming better at your craft and pushing your capabilities, his use of modern tools in a traditional craft, and much more. We also spend a bit of time chatting about traditional apprenticeship and journeyman stages and how being exposed to other masters techniques can influence your progression and aesthetic in the craft you choose to pursue.

I really enjoyed having this chat! It definitely made me realize how much I need to spend time around individuals who are great at what they do. Hopefully I’ll get more of that in the future!

Resources Mentioned

Sams Instagram account (@ritterforge)

NorrHälsinge Järnsmides Gille — the blacksmithing guild Sam helped found.

Gränsfors Bruk axe making courses

Folk Craft Revival Podcast Episode 7

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