How many of you have ever knitted your own garments from wool you processed and spun yourself? Just the thought intimidates me…. and also draws me in wanting to learn more!

In one of Josefin Waltin’s Youtube videos she shows just that – and since her channel and website showcase a variety of other wool processing and spinning content I reached out to see if she would be willing to talk to us about spinning. We cover a bit about processing wool, the time involved in spinning, necessary tools and how this can be done just about anywhere, experiments with flax and other plant fibers, choosing interesting raw materials over easy to spin fleeces, and more.

Something I’ve been dwelling on since recording this was her comments about intentionally using the least mechanized process for her craft and how she thinks that’s the easiest way to learn.

On one hand I am in complete agreement…. but logically I also look at that and think that things should be easier if my body didn’t have to do the appropriate mechanical movements! I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

Episode Resources:

Josefin’s Website
Josefin’s Online Spinning Courses (also accessible via her website)
Youtube Channel — @josefinwaltin3848

Recommended Books:

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