You know those miles of picturesque stone walls you’ll see in tourism photos from the UK? Ever wondered how they were built?

Today we’re talking construction, dry stone construction! Dry stone masonry is an age old craft, we have examples of it going back centuries…. amazingly you can still find a lot of it intact too! If you’re like me, the first examples that pop into mind are the stone walls found throughout the UK. I’ve always been fascinated by the stone walls, I love craft that endures for so long. Plus it’s beautiful!

This week we’re talking with modern craftsman Bryce Hollingsworth about dry stone construction and how he got involved in masonry. Great talk with a great craftsman– I found this to be a fascinating topic, I hope you do as well!

Resources Mentioned — Bryce’s website (contact info there if you want to talk to him about doing a job for you!)

Bryce’s Instagram

Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain — and here’s a link to their video’s on Youtube that Bryce mentioned.

The Stone Trust — and the link to their Youtube channel

Dry Stone Conservancy

Dry Stone Walling by Paul Webley (published by the Dry Stone Walling Association)

Stone Primer by Charles McRaven

Building with Stone by Charles McRaven

And, if you’re interested in a couple other fascinating videos on the subject, check out this one and this one.

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