Great conversation this week with Kris Daman! We discuss the basic weave and process involved in getting started fingerweaving, as well as the history around it, what it is best used for, and how it was involved in the early tourist trade.

If you’re interested in reenactment, muzzleloading, traditional living skills, and some of the history in the great lakes area you’ll enjoy this episode for sure!

We discuss:

  • Materials used (historical and modern)
  • Estimating yarn length needed
  • Getting set up
  • Doing a basic weave
  • A few notes on different patterns
  • And finishing up your strap

Resources Mentioned

Kris’ Instagram account

Kris’ Facebook page

Braddock’s Sash Youtube video

Carol James’ Youtube Channel

JaggerSpun yarn that Kris likes to use


Finger Weaving: Indian Braiding by Alta Turner

Finger Weaving Basics by Gerald Findley

The Assomption Sash by Marius Barbeau

Twined Bags: an Historic Finger-weaving Craft of the Native Americans by Monica Moore

Fingerweaving Untangled by Carol James

Sprang Unsprung by Carol James

Trading Identities by Ruth Phillips

Patterns of Power by Ruth Phillips

The Book of Buckskinning series by William Scurlock

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