Janey Chang joins us to do a quick dive into how to tan fish leather using tea leaves (or other tannin sources). We also chat about her introduction to fish skin tanning and ancestral skills in general, why she loves ancestral skills, oil tanned fish leather, natural dyes, teaching others and nature connection.

I loved the enthusiasm that Janey brought to the conversation!

Even if you’ve never tanned anything, if you take a listen I’ll bet you have some plans to remedy that in your future!

Resources Mentioned

Saskatoon Circle Gathering — the website for the gathering (saskatooncircle.com) now seems to redirect to a gambling site. . . I’ll check back in the future and see if it gets fixed. Until then, if it sounded like something you’d be interested in check out this list of gatherings.

janeychang.ca — Janey’s website, check it out for upcoming class info!

Fish Leather by Lotta Rahme — Available from Lotta’s website here, or through Janey here.

Adventures in Fish Skin Tanning FB Group

Janey’s Facebook page

Janey’s Instagram

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