I love to learn about a craft from start to finish, and that means sourcing the materials to begin with. I think any of use interested in self-sufficiency also recognize the limitations involved in purchasing materials for a craft you’re learning and how that inherently prevents you from coming to a complete understanding of the craft (or at least that’s how it seems to me).

Hence, learning about locating the wild clay near you.

If you want to learn to make handmade pottery, you might as well learn to find and use the clay local to your area as well!

Since Andy lives in Arizona and focuses his work around making pots replicating the style and technique of the prehistorical cultures in his area, we also spend some time chatting about distinctly Southwestern pottery– which I found quite fascinating! Enjoy the episode!

Resources Mentioned:

Ancientpottery.how — Andy’s website: great resource and also where you can find more information about his workshops and online classes.

Andy’s Youtube Channel — A great place to learn more about making natural handmade pottery.

Andy’s Instagram

Southwest Kiln Conference

Messages From the High Desert by Clint Swink

Useful Tools for Processing Clay:

Power Driven Paint Mixer — for stirring up wet clay

Paint Strainers — for straining wet process clay

Mexican Corn Grinder — for grinding up dry clay

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