The Folk Craft Revival podcast is now live!

Not sure what you’ve been up to, but around here a lot has been happening. As such, I’ve had to think for a moment about what I wanted to post for this month. Normally, I try to choose a project I’m learning that I’ve found fun or something useful that would be helpful for others. . . but this month, hands down, my favorite thing has been the fact that I finally got the podcast published!

I’ve been working on it for awhile (amazing how long things take when you’re learning and have limited time to devote to them….) and I am super excited that it’s finally up. Check out the episodes on the website here or over at apple podcasts/itunes here and let me know what you think. I’d love feedback on how it’s going and any recommendations you may have for me.

As a runner-up monthly favorite, I must mention that I attempted my first cured meat this month! It’s something I’ve never done and I did a really simple recipe so it may not have been terribly interesting for anyone else, but I’ve really enjoyed reading up on meat curing and taking my initial step into it. I’m sure more on this will be covered in the future. . .

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