This week we’re talking flintknapping– learning about making and using stone arrowheads and knives. We discuss the knapping from a high level perspective, with a little bit of how-to and the principles involved, a bit of considerations for using your stone blades and tips, things to keep in mind when getting started, etc.

I consider flintknapping to be a foundational skill– almost all other technologies are based around having a blade in order to cut with, and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with someone who is good at it.

I love these really old, prehistory type skills that are the foundational blocks of technology that we all share somewhere in our past. Some of the things we discuss were specific to an area or people– creating blades from rocks is definitely not one of those!

A big thanks to Rich Williams from episode #21 for suggesting I chat with Mike!

Resources Mentioned: — Mike’s website

@artofishi — Mike’s instagram

Art of Ishi Youtube Channel— Video on notching here, shaving video found here — a link to Mike’s gallery is found here.

Directory to knap-ins found on — honestly, when searching I found reference to a number of other knap-ins not listed here, but no real good directory where you could go and look for one in your area, you’ll have to do the legwork to find them yourself! Let me know of the ones you know about and I’ll put together a list for other folks.

PaleomanJim Youtube Channel

Flint Ridge Knap-In— Facebook Page, I don’t seem to be able to pull up their website.

The Art of Flintknapping by D.C. Waldorf

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