Welcome, and thanks for being here! Below is a brief summary of the episode and some of my thoughts on starting this podcast and what I would like it to become.

Who Am I?

I’m an all around tinkerer! I like to make, create, attempt and do traditional skills! I started with a fascination for nature and learning wilderness survival and primitive living skills then followed my passions into more refined artisan crafts where I essentially learned that I, quite frankly, just like to build things with my hands! I like to know how things work, I like to learn the old ways, and I crave a feeling of self dependence…. That I need to know that I have the skills necessary to take care of myself and produce what I need. Does that resonate with you?

I’ve always identified as both a primitive technologist and a homesteader and considered them to be in different camps, but have come to realize they are simply two different approaches to the same thing. Becoming more self- reliant and developing a greater connection with the natural world.

Why Start a Podcast?

Good question!

Primarily my reason to start the podcast is to become more involved in the traditional skills community. I’ve sat in the background too long and just absorbed information, now I want to share and teach. It’s time to give back. Plus it gives me a great opportunity to connect with folks and learn new skills as well! I’ve started listening to podcasts over the last couple years while I work on things, and I love the format– I love being able to learn about something, get inspired and stimulate my mind in a way that doesn’t require my full attention.

What Types of Skills Are We Going to Cover?

Anything from the stone age to the artisan craft period! I’m curious about it all!

Mainly, I want to focus on skills from before things became heavily industrialized and mechanized. Back when products were still made by hand, and many people still made them for themselves. I’m interested in covering traditional skills from all over the world– though, if I’m perfectly frank, I know more about the European history and crafts, so they will likely be covered most thoroughly. As I mentioned before, I’m a primitive living skills enthusiast and admitted nature lover. . . so I also tend to have a bias towards skills that keep me outdoors!

The focus will be on both ‘hard’ crafts/skills (ones where you create an object/product) and ‘soft’ ones where you learn a skillset that doesn’t necessarily produce quantifiable article – tracking, navigation, plant identification, etc which are probably actually harder skills to learn then the ones I just called ‘hard skills’.

What do I mean by “craft”? Well, first off I’m not talking about artsy decorations, I’m talking about making something useful with your hands. Practical, functional items. Developing the skill of creating, and learning to be more dexterous and hands on with the things around us to make what we need. Making what you need with what you have.

The Goal with the Podcast?

To get you making things!

But seriously, I want this to be a podcast that you listen to and are then inspired and motivated to try something new. One that exposes you to a craft or skill with enough detail that you can then go out and make whatever it is we discuss that week. In short, I want to inspire, educate, and spread traditional skills, crafts, and knowledge.

And, hopefully along the way you’ll began appreciating the articles in your life more, it’s amazing how much more something that is handcrafted means. . . Especially when you made it yourself!

What Do You Do With Your Time?

Utilize your downtime! When away from work, try to learn a new skill (traditional or not) and develop yourself instead of spending your time watching a movie. I think we spend too much time in life in front of a screen relaxing (myself included) and you’ll be happier if you give up some digital time and instead relax by learning and trying something new… Preferably something old-fashioned and hands on that will help us become more self-reliant and sustainable!

So I guess the question is: what are you working on? What are you creating and producing in your life?

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