We talk about a variety of fun topics in this episode including yurt building (and touch on some other traditional/natural building techniques), managing a coppiced hardwood forest, English green woodworking, and traditional lime wash and lime production in the UK.

Alex and his wife Selene run Little Foot Yurts, which produces handmade, coppice wood yurts up in Nova Scotia, Canada and he was gracious enough to come on and chat for awhile about how they build their yurts, additional natural building techniques/methods, and various other traditional skills he has experience with.

Great chat, enjoy!

Resources Mentioned

Little Foot Yurts — Alex and Selene’s website

The Green Gathering Festival — Held in Wales at the end of July

The Roundhouse Project

Museum of Welsh Life (St Fagans National Museum)

The Deanery ProjectA lot of focus on natural building, Kim Thompson is the executive director. We talked about Kim in relation to various straw bale building stuff so I thought I would put a link to her work, but didn’t see a website for her specifically so I included this one.

simondale.net/hobbit The “hobbit house” Alex mentioned. This is also the same as beingsomewhere.net (the second link goes to the homepage).


…. And I’m still trying to figure out how to embed the Little Foot Yurts video I mentioned in the intro, I’ll put it here when I get the tech figured out!

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